February 4, 2020

What to Expect on a First Aid Course

First Aid course with CPR

Whether you are going to take the full 3-day First Aid at Work course, the popular 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work or any of the specialist Paediatric First Aid courses, you are most likely doing to via your employer or workplace.  This is because employers have a legal obligation to provide first aid for employees, apprentices, interns and, in the case of the education sector, pupils as well.  However it’s worth bearing in mind that many of the things you learn on your course could be useful outside the work environment – anybody could be taken ill or be injured, and that includes friends, family and neighbours – and knowing what to do could make a real difference.  So come with an open mind to learn skills which you could find really useful in life generally, not just at work.

Before the course

Fortunately, you don’t need any prior knowledge of first aid, so there’s no pre-course homework or assignments.  You don’t need to do any research on first aid – all the information, skills, knowledge and practical techniques will be covered on the course.  So all you’ll need to do is arrive on the day with a willingness to learn and be prepared to get involved with the course, including taking part in the practical activities, which the instructor will guide you through.  Remember that they’ll be other people on the course, whether they’re your colleagues if we’re running the course at your company, or people from other firms if you’re attending the course at our training centre. A positive attitude will help you make the most of the course, and learning with others is always better if you get involved.

What should I wear?

There’s no dress code, but remember that there are some practical activities on all first aid courses so we recommend suitable clothing which won’t restrict you from doing this.  Trousers and sensible shoes are always a good choice. 

Whilst we’re on the topic of practical activities, do feel free to call and discuss with us before the course if you have any concerns about physically being able to take part in the activities which involve mobility and physical dexterity.

What actually happens on the course?

You’ll be greeted and welcomed by our team and your instructor, who will guide you through everything which you’ll need to complete in order to qualify.  You’ll be taken through all the underpinning knowledge which first aiders need, as well as the practical lifesaving skills which are an essential element of the course.  You’ll benefit from the expertise, enthusiasm and experience of our instructors, who all have extensive backgrounds in first aid.
You’ll be assessed by your instructor checking that you are able to complete the practical first aid tasks needed. They’ll support and guide you throughout.

Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course – (1 day)

This course is aimed at people who wish to become emergency first-aiders in the workplace. This qualification meets the requirements for training for employers who have identified that staff need to be trained to this level within their HSE first-aid needs assessment.

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Training Course – (3 days)

This qualification is for people who wish to become first-aiders in the workplace. This qualification meets the requirements for training first-aiders for organisations who need to have fully qualified first aiders.

Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid Training Course – (1 day)

This course is aimed at people who are working with children in an Early Years setting. This qualification meets the training needs for employers such as nurseries, schools, Education Centres, after-school clubs and childminders who need to comply with Ofsted Early Years requirements.

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