Enjoy the convenience of on-site workplace training!

Our team at CT Learning makes workplace training convenient for your workforce with our flexible on-site workplace training. We will bring our highly-qualified tutors to your work, which is convenient for your workforce, with you selecting the date, time and location. Our on-site workplace training is a cost-effective solution, as it works out to be cheaper per person. It also lets you pick when and where we will conduct our training. 

We pride ourselves on making our courses practical for everyone! We can accommodate to meet your needs. If you’re a business wanting to train your staff, we will work with you to find a time that suits your employees, volunteers or contractors and incurs the smallest disturbance to your workplace.

We boost employee morale

By bringing our first aid courses, fire safety course, food safety courses, health and safety courses and more on-site, we give your staff the chance to complete the qualification in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

When we carry our on-site workplace training we create a positive and supportive environment. In doing this, we give your staff the best opportunity to refresh their knowledge and update their skills with colleagues and friends. This can raise staff morale and boost team spirit.

We work our courses to meet your needs

We want to make sure your team gets the most out of our courses. To ensure this, we tailor the course content and teaching style to what you, your employees and your workplace needs. We will adapt the content included so it remains relevant to all learners. 

Our team of highly qualified trainers understand that not everybody learns the same. By adapting our teaching style, we can deliver each course more effectively.

We provide you with the same high-quality courses

Our on-site workplace training offers more than just flexibility, it is also a cheaper solution with the cost working out to be cheaper per person. We guarantee that our on-site training delivers the same high-quality learning opportunity, with one of our expert tutors guiding your team. You will finish the course with modern knowledge on current best practices, no matter the location, date or time.

Our on-site workplace training will help to achieve:

Are you ready to get your team started with our on-site workplace training? Get in contact with us to start the learning process in your workplace. We offer a flexible solution at a cheaper price per person, all you need to do is to confirm how many will be completing the course, where we will be hosting it and when – we will do the rest!


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