Course structure

The paediatric first aid training course will teach you a range of essential first aid skills to effectively treat children and infants. Spanning the course across two units, we will teach you emergency paediatric first aid and how to manage paediatric illness, injuries and emergencies. 

You will learn how to apply practical first aid skills to children and infants by taking part in an interactive and engaging learning space. We will guide you through the correct procedure when dealing with emergencies and teach you how to apply CPR and resuscitation. You will also be taught the most effective ways of treating choking, bleeding, asthma, allergic reactions and more. 

The 2 day paediatric first aid training course will cover:

  • Introduction to infant and paediatric child first aid
  • Care of the unconscious casualty
  • Dealing with an epileptic fit, shock and anaphylactic (allergic) emergencies
  • Resuscitation including infant and child CPR
  • What to do if a child or baby is choking
  • Control of bleeding including nosebleeds
  • Common childhood emergencies eg asthma and head injuries
  • How to treat burns and scalds
  • How to manage fractures
  • Various illnesses and conditions
  • Contents of first aid boxes and their use
  • Reporting accidents and illnesses
  • How to administer first aid to an infant and a child with a head, neck or back injury.

Course outcomes

By completing the paediatric first aid training course you will get the practical skills needed to effectively apply first aid to children and infants. We will teach you how to manage first aid emergencies in a workplace setting by guiding you through a range of scenarios. 

We will cover a range of topics to give you firsthand practice in the treatment of injuries and health emergencies of infants and children. With this qualification you will be able to:

  • Ensure that children being cared for are safe
  • Meet the EYFS requirements for providing first aid
  • Comply with an inspection by Ofsted
  • Deal with childhood emergencies

Who is the course for?

We recommend the paediatric first aid training course if you are looking to become a paediatric first aider in the workplace. It is open to all who currently work in or are preparing to work in the early years’ sector such as schools, nurseries, childcare, childminding, afterschool clubs, activity centres and crèches.

The paediatric first aid training course is ideal if you have had no previous first aid training or if you are looking to update your skills and gain the latest qualifications.

How is the course assessed?

You will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the skills taught throughout the paediatric first aid training course. We will assess your application of first aid treatments, as well as ask you a range of questions to test your knowledge and understanding of applying first aid to children and infants.