Course structure

Throughout the first aid at work refresher course we will re-engage you with the content covered in the Level 3 First Aid at Work course. Spanning over 2 days, we will cover a range of essential topics to update your first aid knowledge and skills. 

In updating your first aid skills, we will teach you how to:

  • Care of the unconscious casualty
  • Apply resuscitation, including CPR
  • Control of bleeding and minor wounds
  • Treat shock
  • Help someone who has had a stroke or heart attack
  • Manage a diabetic emergency
  • Help someone who has anaphylaxis
  • Help someone suffering from asthma
  • Deal with an epileptic seizure
  • Help if someone is choking
  • Help someone who has suffered poisoning including overdose
  • Treat eye injuries
  • Treat burns and scalds
  • Care for head injuries
  • Care for spinal injuries
  • Treat fractures, dislocations, strains and sprains
  • Recognise different illnesses and injuries
  • Record accidents and illnesses
  • Understand the contents and use of first aid boxes
  • Manage personal hygiene in first aid situations
  • Communicate in an emergency

Course outcomes

By refreshing your first aid at work qualifications, you will learn the latest first aid techniques. You will be taught up to date information and knowledge that can be applied when dealing with emergency first aid situations in the workplace. 

The refresher first aid at work course will give you the confidence to:

  • Deal with common first aid emergencies including choking, heart attacks, shock, asthma, bleeding
  • Handle first aid situations until professional help arrives
  • Know how to use the contents of your workplace first aid kit

Who is the course for?

The first aid at work refresher course is suitable if you have previously completed the Level 3 First Aid at Work course and are required to renew your qualifications. For you to enrol in this course, you must have an existing First Aid at Work certificate.

How is the course assessed?

You will be continually assessed throughout the course. We will review how you respond to workplace emergencies by observing your practical skills and asking you a series of questions. 

Course progression

Once you successfully complete the first aid at work refresher course you will be re-qualified for another three years. After this time, you will need to complete another refresher course.

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