Course structure

Throughout this course, you will cover fire prevention in the workplace. You will learn how to manage evacuation and gain practical fire fighting skills needed to ensure the safety of your workspace. 

You will be taught the different types of fire extinguishers and get hands-on practice in using them. 

Course outcomes

By completing the fire safety training course, you will learn the immediate actions to take in the event of a workplace fire. You will be confident in guiding your fellow employees to safety and ensuring that correct procedures and protocols are followed. 

Once you finish the fire safety training course, you will:

  • Confidently be able to use a fire extinguisher
  • Be confident in taking the correct action when a fire alarm is set off
  • Confidently choose the right type of fire extinguisher at the time of a fire
  • Make sure your workplace meets workplace fire safety law
  • Receive a fire safety training certificate

Who is the course for?

Whether you are a complete novice to fire safety or have had previous training but need a quick re-fresh, this fire safety training programme is ideal. If you want to become your workplace fire marshall or need to give fire safety advice, you will benefit from this course as we cover everything and anything fire awareness.

How is the course assessed?

You will be continually assessed throughout the course to ensure that you have covered the necessary skills and knowledge.