Course structure

Our conflict management training course will teach you the skills needed to prevent workplace violence. You will be taught about the role of conflict management and how to create a safe working environment. 

By completing this course, you will learn how to calm situations to avoid violence, how to handle difficult behaviour, the importance of communication and much more. We create a fun and engaging learning environment to teach you:

  • Introduction to conflict management
  • Proactive skills in dealing with situations
  • Defusing and calming situations to avoid violence
  • Teamwork in conflict management situations
  • How to carry out a dynamic risk assessment
  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal) skills
  • How to appear calm and helpful
  • High-risk conflicts – how to recognise these and how to exit from these situations
  • What to do after a conflict

Course outcomes

By successfully completing this conflict management training course, you will be awarded the Level 2 Award in Preventing Violence in the Workplace. You will learn new techniques and strategies to effectively manage conflicts in the workplace and prevent violence. 

Within this course, you will build the confidence to:

  • Know how to avoid violence in the workplace 
  • Take corrective action to avoid high-risk conflict situations
  • Understand violence and the risks that might apply in the workplace
  • Deal with conflict situations
  • Learn great teamwork skills to keep the workplace safe
  • Carry out conflict management risk assessments
  • Make sure the workplace meets health and safety legislation

Who is the course for?

Our conflict management training course is perfect if you work with members of the public or if you are required to deal with conflict in the workplace. We recommend the course if you need to manage difficult situations or if you want to show others how to resolve conflict and avoid violence at work. 

We open our course to frontline staff, including:

  • teachers
  • receptionists
  • health workers
  • outreach teams 
  • transport staff
  • social workers
  • retailers
  • hotel staff
  • restaurant workers
  • school staff

How is the course assessed?

We will assess you as the course progresses by reviewing how you pick up key information and apply skills. At the end of the course, you will need to complete a short end-of-day assessment based on the topics taught throughout the conflict management training course.

Course progression

By completing the conflict management training course, you will be fully equipped and qualified to deal with conflict and violent situations in the workplace. This course is a stepping stone into advancing your career progression for the welfare of yourself and others.