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Conflict Management

It is the responsibility of your workplace to provide a safe working environment for all visitors, customers, guests and contractors. With the possibility of workplace conflicts to arise at any given time, you should ensure that your workplace is prepared with adequate conflict management training. 

At CT Learning, we offer our conflict management training to everyone – whether you have experience dealing with conflict or violence, or are completely new to the subject. Throughout the training course, we focus on teaching you the skills needed to effectively handle any conflict in the workplace and reduce the risk of violence. 

Our team of expert trainers will teach you effective strategies and techniques that can be used to handle high risk situations. You will get experience applying these strategies through a range of interactive activities. We will also help you build the confidence to use these skills both inside and outside of the workplace.

Our conflict management training course is a nationally recognised course that is certified by the Qualifications Network (QNUK).

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Conflict Management Training Course

Level 2 Award in Preventing Violence in the Workplace (RFQ). Our conflict management training course teaches you practical skills and outlines effective strategies to minimise conflict in the workplace. By completing the course, you will be able to foresee and take preventative action to reduce the risk of conflict at work.

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